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​     1What is your painting style?

I have always been a portrait artist but as I’ve developed my personal style I have  been drawn to surrealism. I’m very inspired by nature and the ways that people and the earth intertwine. I think that the dynamic of a relationship can be captured through the symbols of various flowers, plants and landscapes. Anything from color to texture to the shape of something in nature can have a role in choosing those things to represent the love of the couple I’m depicting. 

​     2. How long have you been painting live at weddings?

I began this business in January 2023, this year, so I am just getting started. I’ve spent the last six months working on things like my website and reaching out to clients and other vendors. I’ve been mostly working on practice pieces to hone the style that I’ve developed today. 

     3. How long does it take you to complete a painting? 

Paintings take anywhere from 5-8 hours of live work. Every painting is taken home and treated with additional studio time to ensure the painting is up to the standard that I agree to uphold and that it gets a nice varnish coating. 

     4. ​What size canvases do you typically work with?

I can work with any size. I usually recommend 16x20. Canvases can increase in size up to 30x40 and down to 11x14.


     5. Can you paint portraits of the bride and groom or guests?

I mostly work in portraits of the couple but I am always open to adding guests. Guests would increase the cost but I’ve seen other live wedding artists that have incorporated loved ones that could not make it or even those that have passed away. This definitely adds a bit more magic especially when the marriage means more than the union of two individuals.


     6. How much do you charge for your services?

Prices begin at $3000, I have a travel fee that extends from the bay area, and outward starting at $100. There are other various factors that may increase the price. Shipping can be expensive as well to ensure that the painting isn’t damaged. Additional add-ons might include painting other guests, increased canvas size, framing, prints, extra studio time, additional small paintings in the studio, and anything else you might think of. 

     7. Do you have any packages or deals available?

Yes, I have a basic, advanced, and premium package. 

     8. How far in advance should we book your services?

I would book with me as soon as possible to secure my services. While I have a lot of availability now, there could be a possibility of someone having the same date as you, even if it’s years from now. 

     9. Do you require a deposit to secure our booking?

Yes, I require a 20% deposit and the rest of the payment should be made 21 days before the event. 

     10. What happens if you can't make it to our wedding due to unforeseen circumstances?

If I can’t make it, I will either fully reimburse the deposit, or I will offer to paint from photographs in my studio at a much lower cost. 

     11. Do you have liability insurance?

Liability insurance is in the works once I am registered as an LLC.

     12. Can you work outdoors if our wedding is held outside?

Yes I can work outdoors, in fact I encourage it. I am prepared for all instances of weather as well. 

     13. Do you need any special equipment or lighting to complete your paintings?

No. I will bring my own equipment. This includes everything from lighting to my easel, paints, canvas, discreet tarp for the floor. 

     14. How do you typically interact with guests while you are painting?

I stay relatively out of the way of the event but I absolutely encourage guests to check out what I am working on throughout the day. I love interacting with new people. I only suggest that the bride and groom hold off until seeing the painting until it’s complete to preserve the magic!

     15. Can we choose the scene or setting for the painting?​

Absolutely, we will chat over zoom before your wedding so I can get a feel for you as a couple and understand your dynamic and how you want your love to be portrayed. 

     16. How do you capture the atmosphere and emotions of the wedding in your painting?

I am always looking for details of the day or special moments to add into paintings. If I see something magical it will certainly be added in. I will take a photo of the preferred captured moment or I will collaborate with the photographer to get a reference photo for the special moment. I can also have the painting be completely pre-planned. It is always up to you!

     17. How do you ensure that the painting is an accurate representation of the wedding?​

I pride myself on my attention to detail. I arrive early to paint the landscape or venue and make sure that I have references of the couple and guests etc. to make sure I am able to capture something that’s photo-realistic. 

     18. Can we request any changes or adjustments to the painting after it's completed?

Of course. Every package comes with 4 hours minimum studio time. If there are drastic changes to be made, I will let you know ahead of time if there will be an additional charge. 

     19. Do you provide framing or other display options for the finished painting?

Yes I offer framing and prints. I am just getting started with this as well but am mostly eager to work with your vision for framing 

     20. How do you coordinate with the other vendors and photographers at the wedding?

If you choose to work with me I will request the contact information of your planner/ other vendors to introduce myself foremost. I hope to work with the planner to arrange the timing of my arrival, the best location for me to paint, and any other info they may have for me. I am always looking to collaborate with the photographer so we can get a gorgeous photo reference for the painting. 

     21. Can you work in different mediums, such as watercolor or acrylics?

I only work in acrylic for now. I am open to painting in oils but that would come at an additional cost. 

     22. Do you require any special accommodations, such as a quiet workspace or specific lighting?

No accommodations needed. 

     23. How do you handle requests from guests who want to be included in the painting?

I always make sure that the needs of the wedding couple are met. It is their painting and they should choose what it looks like. If a guest wants to be included and it’s permissible, I will make sure to have them included in a way that’s appropriate or I may just say no altogether.

     24. Can we see the painting in progress during the wedding?

I encourage that you don’t but if you really wish, you can. 

     25. Do you offer any additional services, such as creating a time-lapse video of the painting process?

I will communicate with you if I decide to film. I am always open to it. Time Lapses are helpful for me to market myself on social media and support my brand.

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