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Live Guest Portraits

Treat your guests like royalty by having them drawn! Live Guest Portraits are a truly unique and one of a kind experience. Not only does it wow and entertain your guests, but it also serves as a wedding favor for them to take home and cherish forever.

You can choose anywhere from 2 - 8 hours of painting time. On average each painting of two people takes 6 - 7 minutes. Taking into account transition time for guests & myself in between each painting, I can paint approximately 8- 12  guests per hour, with the average being 10.

  • 2 hours - 16 - 24 guests

  • 3 hours - 24 - 36 guests

  • 4 hours - 32 - 48 guests

  • 5 hours - 40 - 60 guests

  • 6 hours - 48 - 72 guests

  • 7 hours - 56 - 84 guests

  • 8 hours - 64 - 96 guests

Hourly Pricing
  • $350 per hour (Only $275 per hour if your wedding/event is March through July 2023!)

Hourly Minimums
  • 2+ hours - San Francisco Bay Area

  • 3+ hours - Northern California

  • 4+ hours - California

  • 4+ hours - Out of State/International

Travel Fee
  • $100 - San Francisco Bay Area

  • $200 - Northern California

  • $500 - California

  • $700 - Out of State/International (does not include flight)

  • Custom Quote - 5+ Hours away from San Francisco Bay Area within the state of California, or out of state

Optional Add-ons


Please note that these add-ons are not performed on site, but in my studio. Each person gets their own custom painting, based on pictures from or after the wedding! These painted memories will be completed and mailed out within 4-6 weeks after the wedding day.

For the Couple

$275 - 6 in studio paintings based on picture perfect moments from the couple’s wedding day. Couples will receive their painted memory package within 4-6 weeks of wedding day

For the Family

$250 - 3-5 family members
$299 - 6-10 family members$250 - 3-5 

For the Bridesmaids

bridesmaids + 1 group painting of bride with bridesmaids
$299 - 6-10 bridesmaids + 1 group painting of bride with bridesmaids

For the Groomsmen

$250 - 3-5 groomsmen + 1 group painting of groom with groomsmen
$299 - 6-10 groomsmen + 1 group painting of groom with groomsmen

IMG_2258 (1).jpg
Custom Packages available. Click here to inquire for your event. All packages start at $2,500.
Information regarding additional costs:

As a live wedding painter, it is important to be transparent about any additional costs that may be involved in providing our services. These costs may include things such as travel expenses, materials, and framing or other add-on options.

In order to provide an accurate quote for my services, I will need to consider these additional costs and factor them into the overall price of the package. For example, if the event is located outside of our normal service area, I may need to charge a travel fee to cover the cost of transportation and accommodations. Similarly, if the client requests a larger canvas size or additional features such as framing, there may be additional costs involved.

I am committed to providing high-quality services at a fair and reasonable price, and I will always be upfront about any additional costs that may be involved. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about the costs associated with my live wedding painting services.

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